Breeding Program

Over the last few years we have been experimenting in breeding Iberian Warmbloods and now purebred Lusitano and Iberian horses.

What is an Iberian Horse?

Iberian horses refer to the breeds that come from the Iberian Peninsula in Europe. Usually referring to Lusitano’s from Portugal and Andalusians from Spain.

Why and Iberian horse?

For many years I struggled along riding with a very sore back. I could never get where I wanted to go and felt defeated all the time.  And then came Fuego. XII

I watched this performance and thought my goodness he would cross nicely with my trakehner mare Hula.

And then I didn’t think much past it.  Fast forward a couple years and I was 7 months pregnant and had an Andalusian Stallion boarded with me in the spring. Everyday my slow moving seven month pregnant self would waddle out with him to the paddock. And he would whinny and prance and call to the girls.  But never once did he move faster than my waddle could go, Never once pulling me or being rude. So I took the leap and bred two mares to him.

The product was an extremely talented up and coming event horse started by and competing with a junior rider. The other foal was MINE from the second he hit the ground and he chose me. He came to me before mom when he stood up! With this horse I have beautiful comfortable rides achieving my goals and best of all NO PAIN!

We have gone on to breed and purchase more of these horses. The gaits are supremely comfortable for this older not so fit body.  I can also do anything with them. Dressage one day, western the next, trail ride the next, jump, hunt, Clinics, working equitation, show grounds no matter what these wonderful horses are the ultimate all arounder! No matter what crazy situation I put them in they are always the constant good citizens. This is the first time in a lifetime of horses I am 100% confident with my partners in EVERY situation.

Unlike other breeds these horses have been bred specifically for riding for hundreds of years. They have been bred for comfort even with hours spent in the saddle, bred to be courageous even in battle, this courage is still apparent in day to day modern environments. And while perhaps they are not as popular at the International level they are the consummate horse for the average rider.  With this growing popularity they are beginning to make their presence felt even on the FEI stage.

We do often have Iberian horses for sale. Please let us help you find your dream horse too!