Looking for value for money? If so, you owe it to yourself to check out Seven Summits Equestrian Centre. The owners, Lise and Steve, have been very savvy in creating a good facility without having to pass on unreasonable costs to their borders. For the last 20 years, I have kept horses in the Barrie area, in large, expensive facilities, as well as smaller, more reasonable ones and I feel Seven Summits is a real find. So here’s what you get. Board Reasonably priced indoor or outdoor board. The stalls are light and airy. There are mats in every stall and the pellets keep the barn smelling fresh. The herd on outdoor board is larger than my horse had been used used to, but they all get along and there have been no paddock injuries since we arrived. In the summer, the horses have access to lots of grass. The hay is both good and plentiful. Steve and his dad have been cutting hay for horses for years so they know what they are doing, which helps keep the costs down. Hydrants near the paddocks insure lots of water for both the horses and the outdoor wash stall. The facility The atmosphere in the barn is very positive and the staff is both cheerful and helpful. The indoor arena has good lighting and Lise makes sure it is harrowed regularly. They have: an outdoor sand ring set up as a dressage ring. a jumper ring with lots of jumps. an enclosed schooling ring. hacking around their hay fields with some paths in wooded areas. Coaching I find Lise to be calm and supportive when she teaches. She is very knowledgeable and open-minded. She invites other professionals in to teach clinics in dressage and jumping. Lise takes students to both hunter shows and local events .The more horses on the trailer, the lower the rate, making trailering very reasonable. If you want a drama free, friendly place for you and your horse, come for a tour.

Janis Butler

I have boarded my horses at Seven Summits for the past eight years, and my gelding was born at Seven Summits. The care my horses have received has always been exceptional. Much of the time I have boarded my horses with Lise I was away at university. I never worried about the care my horses were receiving, and Lise would often send me pictures of them which was a nice surprise when I was missing them. When my gelding was born he was the first foal I had ever worked with. Lise's advice, as well as the care he received, has resulted in my young gelding becoming a pleasure to work with. He accepts every new situation calmly and sensibly, from starting him under saddle to off-property cross country schooling. Lise's coaching has allow both my horse and I to grow together and develop a great partnership. I have also been a student of Lise's for going on seven years. Her coaching style, where she breaks things down and explains not only the how but also the why, has helped to greatly improve my riding and to increase my confidence in my own abilities. Lise is great at building people up and helping them get to the next level in their riding, even when they doubt themselves.

Caitlin Hughes

I have not been a student of Lise Lemay Corlett's for very long, however I feel my horse and my understanding of the proper self carriage and movement of my horse has changed immensely. I have been fortunate throughout my riding life to have been exposed to and taken lessons from some very gifted horsemen and horsewomen. Lise, however has the ability to give me small pieces of information which has translated to giant leaps in my bond with my horse. I am a very visual rider and Lise has a unique way of explaining technique and movements that I can understand and put into action. Lise does not bombard students with a multitude of changes. She gives you one or two things to focus on and amazingly once those are conquered other problem areas disappear. Her dressage lessons have made me actually enjoy flatwork and I am learning how to use excercises to make my sometimes nervous/excitable thoroughbred calmer and more attentive. She teaches you to work with the horse not against it. My last lesson over fences was a joy. In one lesson (after witnessing my rather cowboy attempt at show jumping at a recent show) she gave me two suggestions to bring my horse under control......and they worked. She notices small things we do and how our horses react to them....positively and negatively. I listen intently whenever she is around because I know I will learn something valuable. I have witnessed Lise teaching beginners, intermediate and advanced riders and she gives each student a feeling of confidence and achievement. Her school horses and ponies are all very safe, dependable mounts. She puts the same effort into her beginner lessons that she puts into her advanced lessons and her students really flourish with her calm, matter of fact attitude. She understands horses. She understands "bad days" and she works through them with you. She teaches you to ride with your body not your hand and her long standing riders all have beautiful soft hands...which is my goal! You work at your level of fitness and Lise does not push people to over exert themselves, for those of us in our "older" years this is a godsend! Lise Lemay Corlett is a very gifted dressage rider in her own right and is also presently breaking some dressage hopefuls right now and it is all done with quiet, calm authority and alot of praise for the good and ignore the bad. She brings professionals in for clinics throughout the year to enable her students to get a different perspective and she and her husband Steve run a wonderful schooling show series. Seven Summits Equestrian Centre caters to the recreational rider and the competitive rider alike. I would highly recommend Lise to any rider.

Alison Salter

I have been student of Lise’s for many years, I have also had the pleasure of boarding my mare at Seven Summits and therefore I can say with confidence that Lise is not only a remarkable coach, she also runs a fantastic boarding facility. Throughout the years Lise has helped me overcome the many obstacles I have encountered with my mare. She has always been approachable and supportive. She understands that every rider and every horse is different, and adapts her lesson plans accordingly. She works individually with each rider to help them achieve their goals. Lise has given me confidence as a rider and has helped me develop my mare into a confident, willing mare that enjoys working. With Lise, no lesson was wasted, I learned or accomplished something every time. It was very rewarding and a lot of fun. Lise has definitely helped me grow as a rider and I feel any type of rider could learn or benefit from her wisdom! Seven Summits is a great boarding facility. Lise provides a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all of her boarders and students. The facilities are always clean and well kept. Lise is incredibly knowledgeable, not only as a coach but of horses in general. She is attentive, and patient with all of the horses and the level of care is unparalleled! Although I have recently re-located to Guelph for school, I would return to Seven Summits in a heartbeat and I recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality boarding facility!

Danielle Sample

Steve and Lise Corlett looked after my horse in a loving way. I never worried about him when my husband and I were travelling. It was very important to me to find a boarding facility with that extra touch and I found it at Seven Summits. Lise was instramental as my coach in helping me acheive my 3rd place overall finish in the North Simcoe Challenge Series. She is a very knowledgeable coach. Thanks Lise for all your support.

Catherine Hillock

Our daughter Kelly has been a student and boarder at Seven Summits with Lise Corlett as her coach for a few years. Lise also assisted us in the purchase of our first horse, Missy. We have never looked back! Kelly has received expert instruction and has become a very confident and competitive rider in eventing. She has also never lost the joy in her riding. We now have two horses boarding at Seven Summits, and all their needs are met with regard to vetting and the ferrier. All the horses receive the best care, and if there are any concerns they are addressed in a professional and timely manner. I would not hesitate in recommending Lise and Seven Summits for both boarding and instruction.

Sue Luczak