Working Equitation

What is Working Equitation?

Working Equitation is a new sport to Canada. But has a strong presence in Europe.

Run much like an event it has three parts or two at the introductory levels.

Competition events may be individual or for teams, and are in three or four parts, in this order:

  • Dressage, in which the horse and rider perform obligatory movements in a freestyle dressage test to music within a specified time scale.
  • Ease of Handling Trial, a gymkhana-type event in which horses must overcome obstacles similar to those likely to appear in the field, such as bridges and gates. The obstacle course is designed to show the partnership between horse and rider.
  • Speed, where similar obstacles must be overcome, but against time (not for introductory levels.)
  • Cow (only for team competitions), in which the four team members separate a specific numbered cow from a group.

 Lise’s reasons for joining Working Equitation Canada

For me Working Equitation gives my dressage schooling purpose. I have no plans of going to the Olympics but working equitation gives purpose to my schooling.  IT allows for something fun to do that gives both my horses and I something else to think about beyond the ring. But also something that could also be useful to us out in the field.  It’s just fun! And any horse/ rider can join! No matter discipline, western or English, no matter what the breed success can be had.  It opens doors to meeting new people and knocks down the walls that divide us!